Decatur is a lovely city that sits on approximately 1,300 square miles of land and located on the Tennessee River with a population of under 55 thousand. Life in Decatur, with beautiful homes, many parks and amenities, and top-notch schools, is sure to surpass your expectations.

Decatur Homes for Sale

Decatur Schools

With two high schools, three junior high schools, 12 elementary schools, a community college, a university, and an arts center, Decatur schools can cover every aspect of your educational needs.

The mission of Decatur schools shows their dedication to providing students with an innovative learning community. They strive for excellence, and their priority is to meet the needs of each student. They partake in special programs, such as MOVE, or Mobility Opportunities Via Education, which is a program that helps adults and youth learn to become more self-sufficient in regard to mobility.

Half an hour from Decatur, Athens State University, offering 50 majors and 40 minors, works directly with Decatur’s local community college, Calhoun Community College, to set up students for success.

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Recreation & Parks in Decatur

From specialized recreational parks to playgrounds, trails, and open fields, there is no shortage of parks in Decatur. Archery Park is a theme park for archery with a minimum age limit of 16. Adventure Park features a wooden castle playground, while Delano Park has areas for basketball, volleyball, and badminton, a walking trail, a rose garden, and a river wild. Indoor and outdoor pools, alongside swimming as a pastime, offer swimming lessons and water aerobics.

Decatur Weather

Alabama is known is known for heat and humidity, and Decatur is no exception. However, the climate makes up for it in the form of full and green plant life, plenty of sunshine, and through keeping the cold away. This area averages 56 inches of rain, one inch of snow, and 204 sunny days per year.

Decatur Amenities

In addition to local parks and pools, Decatur offers local amenities in the form of theatre, music, art, and more. The Princess Theater is a historical building known for the performing arts. Live concerts and plays continue to wow the community all throughout the year. The Carnegie Visual Arts Center provides residents with exhibits throughout the year. These and other amenities, such as local libraries and gymnasiums, the Historic Depot and Railroad Museum, and the Cook Museum of Natural Science, ensure that there’s always something to do, in every season.

Decatur Real Estate

The city of Decatur can be broken down into many lovely communities, 15 to be exact. The city center sits on the Tennessee River, and the Longleaf Estates is a community of large and beautifully built housing in a heavily wooded area. Kathy Ln SW / Beltline Rd SW is a highly populated residential community filled with single-family homes and apartment complexes.

Whether you prefer a home nestled by the Tennessee River, a community-oriented location with plenty of neighbors, or an estate built tall and proud on a ten-acre lot, you’re sure to find a home in a city full of life and beauty.