Athens is a city in Limestone County that serves as the county seat. It is well known for being home to the Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant, which provides most of the electricity to the DecaturHuntsville District and is also a major jobs producer for the area. The economy of Athens is based on public utilities, manufacturing, and retail. Athens has much to offer in terms of amenities and opportunities to enjoy life.

Athens Homes for Sale

Athens Schools

Students in this area are served by Athens City Schools. This district is comprised of iAcademy at Athens Elementary, FAME Academy at Brookhill, HEART Academy at Julian Newman, SPARK Academy at Cowart, Athens Intermediate School, Athens Middle School, Athens High School, and Athens Renaissance School. The district also manages Athens Renaissance School Virtual.

Athens is also home to Athens Bible School and Lindsay Lane Christian Academy. Both of these schools serve students in grades kindergarten through twelve.

Athens State University is a two-year college that is in downtown Athens. Just a short drive from Athens is Calhoun Community College. This community college is the largest two-year college in the state of Alabama, and they enroll approximately 12,000 students annually.

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Recreation & Parks in Athens

The Athens Parks and Recreation Department manages seven parks, several facilities, and various programs. Programs offered throughout the year include Archery, Karate, Soccer, Zumba, Super Circuit, and 5K Training.

All Kids Park is a playground area that resembles a fort. The park features a pavilion, slides, swings, a climbing pole, drums, merry-go-all, and expression swings.

Big Spring Park is also known as The Duck Pond. This park features a pavilion, tennis courts, a pond, and a playground. Jimmy Gill Park is a relatively new addition to the area. This park features a pavilion, basketball court, baseball field, and playground.

Lincoln-Bridgeforth Park features a pavilion, tennis court, horseshoe pits, basketball court, and playground. Robert Allen Tinnon Park features a baseball diamond, pavilion, walking track, and playground. Swan Creek Park is close to Athens High School and features a baseball diamond, horseshoe pits, pavilion, tennis court, and playground. Wellness Park features a pavilion, playground, and walking track.

Athens Historic Districts

For those who appreciate the historic aspect of this area, you’ll find plenty to see in the four historic districts located in Athens. You can visit homes that were built in the early 1800s and go on one of the tours that are offered in April each year.

Athens Weather

The average high temperature for Athens is 89 degrees in August. The average low temperature is 28 degrees in January. Athens gets an average of 58.35 inches of rainfall annually.

Athens Real Estate

The real estate market is alive and well in Athens. The median home price in this area is around $215,000. You’ll find everything from modest, modular homes to luxury homes in Athens. Residents are drawn to Athens for the close-knit community feel and many amenities. Approximately 81 percent of residents live in a home they own.