Has planning your Thanksgiving meal left you confused, stressed, and ready for the holiday to be over? If so, you’ll want to read more…

Thanksgiving 2018

It was probably about fifteen years ago that I noticed, other than the turkey, most everything at a large holiday gathering was store-bought. I’m sure that shift had been gradually taking over, but it slammed me that particular year.  We are all busy.  Most couples have two partners that both work.In our grandmothers’ day, they were at home, and had the time to spend three to five days baking, basting, whipping, and frosting.  Now, even if we have the time, is that really how we want to spend it?

Families are flung out more than ever, and it is harder and harder to get more than the actual day of Thanksgiving off from work. The result of that is families are often celebrating Thanksgiving on a weekend day, and ignoring the turkey on the calendar. So what do you do when Google is taunting you with that turkey in their logo, on the actual Turkey day?

If you wanted the traditional Thanksgiving meal, but didn’t want to actually cook it, choices in past years have been limited. The people seem to have spoken though, as a popular downtown restaurant is advertising they are open this year, for a pre-planned meal.  Several state park lodge restaurants, both Joe Wheeler State Park, and Lake Guntersville State Park, have traditionally been open, serving beautifully laid out Thanksgiving feasts at a reasonable price.  Hotels have also often been open for a lavish buffet style meal as well.  Then, of course, there is the standby, Waffle House.  The joke in our house is that the weather isn’t really bad if Waffle House is still open!

Give some thought to some alternatives though.  A few years ago, a dear friend had a nasty case of shingles, brought on by stress.  Her mother was coming for a week long visit, and she was hosting an elaborate meal for her family, and some of us that were lucky enough to be invited to join in.  Her doctor said reduce stress.  She told her mother to stay home, and cancelled the dinner.  Fast forward a few days, and she was feeling more herself again, and reached out to me to see if we could do something more low key.  Her elaborate meal gave way to her husband tending burgers on the grill, at my house. It was fun, it was low stress, food was great, we spent time together, and ended the day all piled on the sofa, watching movies with the kids.  It was perfect.

Fast forward a few years and I had a crazy job, and just couldn’t spend two days cooking.  Julia Child became my Thanksgiving fairy, in the form of her magical Boeuf Bourguignon. It took perhaps an hour to get started, then I was able to pretty much ignore it all day.  The house smelled amazing, and we were all very ready to see it ladled out into soup plates, with a beautiful piece of buttered garlic toast! It gave me a much needed day of downtime, to spend time with my family, without the stress and exhaustion of cooking all day.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up, and, most importantly, don’t let others shame you into spending time creating a huge meal that is going to leave you exhausted.  The important part of Thanksgiving is family, either blood or chosen.  If you love tacos, maybe set up a taco bar.  Chili is great, since it isn’t high maintenance, can be eaten as either soup or over corn chips as nachos.  Whatever makes you happy.  I already know what I’m making for Thanksgiving this year….reservations!

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